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Welcome to Ocean Village Physio

Ocean Village Physiotherapy founded in 2014 is an independently owned boutique physiotherapy practice designed to meet the local needs of Every Athlete and Every day person who experiences pain or lack of specific performance.

7 Great reasons why to choose Ocean Village Physiotherapy

Best phsyiotherapy in Australia

1 Knowledge and experience

  • Experienced 25 Years in the medico-injury industry
  • Highly sought after Lead Clinical Tutor – Linked with TEAN overseas student education
  • Top-quality trained physios for High performing Sports

2 Quality in Assessment

  • Clinically proven system guaranteed to give you answers where your pain comes from
  • Sports Coach biomechanics helps identify injury patterns and timeframes
  • A hybrid of multiple professions rolled into 1 clinical solution

3 A Roadmap to Recovery

  • Follow our consistently proven pathway One2Four. Assess-Recover-Rehab-Perform
  • Plot your estimated return time and perform better

4 Customer Service

  • Guaranteed satisfaction in service
  • Great communication all the way through injury to return to action
  • You are the centre of the process

5 Recovery

  • Vibrosauna – Catching up with global leaders in Recovery we have introduced the sauna/massage phenomenon designed to help arthritis, speed up recovery, increase repair recovery
  • Massage Myofascial release and massage acupressure guns

6 Rehab

  • Designated exercise area for reformer Pilates, clinical Pilates, Physio exercises classes
  • Home exercise programs Digitally sent via PhysiAPP

7 Stay Fit

  • Exercise classes
  • Wellness Myofascial massage
  • Vibrosauna packages

Need help? Our professionals are waiting for you

Our entire team sole purpose is to provide you with the best care we have to offer. 

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