Simon Bowman

The search for the best injury Recovery program

Our Lead Sports Physio and Practice Owner Simon Bowman has searched for Two decades to find the Perfect Balance to complement Sport and Work-Life Injury Recovery Programs. 

Having experienced Shoulder Rotator Cuff Surgery, Family Rehab from ACL once operatively and another non-operatively and had very close contact with Stress fracture recovery and Concussion National Level protocol, Simon has developed research-backed
Programs that can be followed with confidence to help you get back to your best.

Our Story

Ocean Village Physiotherapy – Wembley Downs is situated at Suite 5-23 Bournemouth Crescent and has rapidly evolved from a 1 room treating practitioner. 

Key referrals from leading State-wide Sports Doctors, Local Doctors and word-of-mouth has taken a simple practice to a top quality State of Art Practice that is rapidly leading the Way in Sports Recovery, Injury ID via in depth assessment, Clinically proven Rehab (Pilates amongst others) and our New Sauna/Massage phenomenon Vibrosaun – a populare feature in speeding Recovery at the National Centre for Triathlon, Burleigh Heads.

2020 will see a growth unprecedented in the locality in Sports Injury Recovery and Ocean Village Physio – Wembley Downs is positioned centrally to Help you recover.

Do you have a sport injury? 

Contact us today for a consult and we will get you into our 360 degree sport injury program from which you are guaranteed to experience a top quality Level of care across the key 4 factors that maximise your return full circle.
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